Financial Education

Eight million auto-enrolled: but does more need to be done?

Auto-enrolment meeting targets – but employers and employees still have much to consider

28 July 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

UK global well-being rankings take a nose-dive

Britain’s position in global well-being rankings have fallen from 3rd to 8th place as economic and political uncertainties grow

26 July 2017 | Kimberley Dondo
Kimberley Dondo

Will you still need me, when I’m 64?

As people work longer than ever, Helen Swire asks what the impact will be on the workforce overall – and how employers can look after their older staff

25 July 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

Equipping the next generation of professionals with the skills to thrive in the workplace

WEALTH at work is leading the way in supporting young people into the workplace through sponsored scholarship programme

17 July 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

The millennial bug

As young people continue to surge into the workforce, Helen Swire explores whether employers understand their wants and needs

11 July 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

How income drawdown can be utilised to create a tax efficient retirement income

WEALTH at work gives three case studies looking at the impact of drawdown

10 July 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

Sandwich generation not saving for retirement

George Martin reports that the squeezed middle are using funds to support dependants rather than to save for the future

04 July 2017 | REWARD Staff

When ‘should’ or ‘could’ matters

The difference between guidance and advice is crucial in the reformed world of freedom and choice

03 July 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

Is it a good idea for employees to transfer out of a defined benefit scheme?

Considering transferring out? WEALTH at work gives some tops tips around this important decisions

26 June 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

How to be healthy wealthy and wise

Wellness does not stop with physical and mental health – worrying about finances can have a significant impact on overall wellbeing

23 June 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire


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