Workplace Savings

Will you still need me, when I’m 64?

As people work longer than ever, Helen Swire asks what the impact will be on the workforce overall – and how employers can look after their older staff

25 July 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

Taylor Review: The Industry Reacts

Yesterday saw the reveal of the Taylor Review, the independent review of employment practices in the modern economy, which received mixed reviews from employers and employees

12 July 2017 | Kimberley Dondo
Kimberley Dondo

The millennial bug

As young people continue to surge into the workforce, Helen Swire explores whether employers understand their wants and needs

11 July 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

Sandwich generation not saving for retirement

George Martin reports that the squeezed middle are using funds to support dependants rather than to save for the future

04 July 2017 | REWARD Staff

State Opening of Parliament 2017: Impact of the Queen's Speech

Queen delivers muted speech in wake of hung parliament general election

21 June 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

Last Chance: Reward audience survey 2017

Reward launches a survey to find out what content you need to hear

12 June 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

Over 55’s choosing to opt out of auto-enrolment

One in four people approaching retirement age are losing out on the chance to double their pensions savings

31 May 2017 | Kimberley Dondo
Kimberley Dondo

Building the business case for: voluntary benefits

As business costs rise and wages lag behind inflation, helping staff help themselves can be a cost-effective way to boost motivation, says Maggie Williams

16 May 2017 | Maggie Williams
Maggie Williams

The proof is in the pudding: how financial education improved BT employees financial wellbeing

WEALTH at work examines the impact of a financial education programme on a workplace

15 May 2017 | Helen Swire
Helen Swire

Reward Live 2017: Live Blog

Over the next two days, Reward Live speakers will give you the latest insights into best practice and innovation in employee benefits. In association with Simplyhealth we are live blogging what's said - follow to share in what we learn!

09 May 2017 | REWARD Staff


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